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Brett & Vicki Scott sat outside the blind mole

The Blind Mole

The Blind Mole are Brett & Vicki Scott & their little family

Here at The Blind Mole we buy what we like, what inspires us. Items that tell stories & will in turn help you expresses your very own unique style.

Items that we would love in our own home.  The things we would love to see in a retail space, bar or café if we had any of these!!!

flat lay of antiques mirror shoes and coat hanger

Based in the steel city of Sheffield we have been dragging our family around buying & selling vintage items for many years. With the help of our lovely children this website & the Blind Mole was born.

Unique, timeless, quirky & classic pieces which span the eras. The Blind Mole is all about bringing these finds direct to you wherever you are, whenever your ready.