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Antique Allcocks Porous Plaster Cylindrical Red Tin

Antique Allcocks Porous Plaster Cylindrical Red Tin

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An unusual cylindical red tin, great decoration & branding for Allcocks Porous Plaster.

Invented by Thomas Allcock in 1854 Porous Plaster is a type of medical plaster that contains medicinal substances and is designed to be applied to the skin to relive pain. It is known for its porous nature, allowing for the gradual release of medications over time.
It was made of a mixture of ingredients including India-rubber, spirits of turpentine, Capsicum annuum or cayenne pepper, litharge, balsam of Peru, and pine-gum1.

Advertised as a cure for various ailments such as lumbago, quinsy, diabetes, St Vitus’s Dance, epilepsy, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, coughs and colds, asthma, pleurisy, whooping cough, consumption, ruptures, sciatica, paralysis, rheumatism, tic douloureux, and kidney problems.

great little curio Measures 32cm x 4cm deep

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