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Antique Hanging Sumatran Folk Art Calendar Batak Ceremonial Calendar/Porhalaan

Antique Hanging Sumatran Folk Art Calendar Batak Ceremonial Calendar/Porhalaan

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Rare folk art bamboo Batak ceremonial calendar/Porhalaan from Sumatra. This wonderfully made item would have been used by the Shaman of the Batak people to find favourable dates for special dates & life decisions. For example weddings, planting crops & travelling

Hanging from the little carved house are bamboo strips for the months of the year, it has 30 sections to represent the days & small symbols to represent times in the day.

"The Porhalaan is the traditional calendar of the Batak people of North Sumatra, Indonesia. The Batak Calendar is a lunisolar calendar consisting of 12 months divided to 30 days with an occasional leap month. The Batak calendar is derived from Hindu calendar. The Batak people do not use the porhalaan as a mean to tell time, but rather to determine auspicious day, which is only used by the Batak shaman."

This is a very special item that would make a wonderful addition to your home

measures 29.5cm x 11cm x 2cm

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